The only self-service platform for Reepay clients

HelpGate is a self-service platform where end consumers can login and manage their Reepay purchased subscriptions at a specific merchant.

Give your customers the control they need

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What is HelpGate

HelpGate is a self-service platform for Reepay giving merchant's customers the power to manage their subscriptions.


How can HelpGate help me?

By giving your customers the means to manage their subscriptions themselves, you are saving time for the more important things in your business.


Who can use HelpGate?

HelpGate is currently available for every company using Reepay's services.

No customer signup

Your customers signup using their email or password and getting a one-time passcode on email or SMS without the need to signup first.

Profile editing

Your customers can edit their profile when needed, so you get the latest profile data on them.

View subscriptions

Your customers can see a list of their subscriptions and edit each one, if needed.

View invoices

Your customers can see a list of their invoices and print them out.

Edit subscriptions

Giving your customers the ability to edit their subscriptions, if they need to, without bothering you.

Add subscriptions

If you have additional subscription plans, which your customers might want to purchase, they can do so. And what is best is that they do it on the same customer profile you have on them.



kr. 299
  • 0,25 kr pr. SMS sent from the system
  • All prices are excl. VAT

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